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Random first row being null in summary tool

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For some reason there is random first row being null in my summary tool, this is the point where it appears and is of course carried on.


Why could it be ad how to get rid of it?


Thank youuu




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If you are using the "Group by" function of the summerize tool, it means that the data entering the summerize tool already had some NULL values in the Main account column.


I cannot really tell you where it comes from without having the actual workflow or knowing the summerize config.


You can get rid of this line by filtering out with "!isNull([Main Account])" after the summerize tool, or spend some time looking into the previous blocks so see where exactly the NULL value appeared.


I can take a look if you want if you share the workflow.

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Thank you, did traced it all the way back as you suggested and  the nulls were actually appearing from my inputted excel worksheet, it was picking up empty rows at the bottom as null so just used data cleansing tool.