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Question regarding API (Post) JSON

11 - Bolide

Hello all,


I am struggling a bit with an API call for some external data that I want to download to my workflow.

I want to download the table from the following site:

It is a Swedish Publicly open site that collects information about companies.
At the bottom of the site they write how to use the API.
I am trying to use this but as I am not commonly using API in my daily work I would need some help to get this to work.




At the moment my workflow looks like this:



1. In the upper branch I have tried to use the Post JSON call with the current configuration, but it is not giving the right result (Even if I try to parse it later with REGEX)


Elias_Nordlinder_2-1629900386434.png Elias_Nordlinder_3-1629900404423.png



2. The second branch I try to use GET and then JSON-parse, which gives reasonable text, but it is not text from the table unfortunately.





If someone could help out with how to configure the API-tools that would be very helpful!
As this is publicly open information for everyone to collect it should be fine to share it here 🙂 

//Thanks in advance



9 - Comet

Hi @Elias_Nordlinder 

You have to POST a "request" field too.

Look at attached workflow and paste your API url and "request".