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Problems Enabling Combinations of Containers With Check Boxes

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 Hi Everyone,


I have figured out how to enable single tool containers if a check box is checked. What I want to do now is control multiple containers based on which check boxes are selected. In my attached example, the one check box: one container works perfectly well and the one check box: multiple containers works fine. What doesn't work is when I have more than one check box feeding into an action tool to enable the same container *or* if I have ever had that setup with the check boxes > action tools > tool containers, they don't work anymore even if I change the connections back to one check box: one action tool: one container.


Anybody know what is going on here?


What I am trying to do is activate specific parts of my workflow based on what users select. For a few parts of it, it is a simple 1:1 of check box: tool container. For three of them, however, they require a fairly lengthy time-consuming step to be completed first, and then the workflow branches out into 3 possible outputs which I would want users to choose from. so basically, it works like:


select option 1: activates tool containers A and B

select option 2: activates tool containers A and C

select option 3: activates tool containers A and D

select option 4: activates tool container E

select option 5: activates tool container F

and so on.


Is there another way of accomplishing this?

Also, is there a reason why my first strategy there wouldn't work and why it would potentially "taint" the Check Boxes/ Action Tools/ Containers so they wouldn't work after they had been set up initially to have Check Boxes feed into multiple Action Tools?



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I think this should accomplish what you are looking for. So the first container A is controlled by a condition tool that checks if any of the first three options were selected. The B,C,D,E are controlled how you had the action set up before. Let me know if this is helpful!



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This worked perfectly! Thanks! I never knew the conditional tool had that kind of functionality, but then I also had never looked at the Functions tab. This is awesome

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I'm still having problems once I applied this to my workflow.

To double-check this in the solution provided, I added a browse tool to Container A and I found out that in the example here, if Container E is selected, Container A is activated as well -- so it's still not deactivating the thing I want deactivated by default.

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Should have put a browse off of container A. Sorry about that. I update the condition on the tool and it seems to be working now. I imagine there is a cleaner way to do the condition but I would need more time to play around with it. 

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This worked perfectly! thanks!


I looked at the logic in the conditional tool -- the previous solution almost made sense to me -- this one has me mystified. Is the conditional statement T/F spitting out a 1/null output rather than 1/0? Does this also mean that regardless of what else happens, the conditional tool is activating/deactivating containers?



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So, sorry for all the confusion I am causing with this. I had some bad logic in there because I was rushing and didn't take the time to properly test my solution.


The Condition is looking for a true/false Boolean, so I wrapped the last function I sent you in a !isnull() formula. In Alteryx this automatically evaluates to a the needed True/False. This was me cutting corners on writing a proper if statement that Alteryx could read as a True/False to get you a working result.


The actual code should be:


If [#1] then 1
elseif [#2] then 1
elseif [#3] then 1
else 0 endif

This will also read properly for the Condition tool to update the values, and hopefully it makes more sense for anybody to pick up. 


As far as the Condition tool Activating/Deactivating containers, the default state of Container A is active. You could put another action out of the true side to enable the container to be more thorough but it doesn't materially change the workflow. 


Let me know if that helps!