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Output to Excel with multiple worksheets, specific range

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Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to set my output as an excel file, with the option "Take file / table name from from fied" active, and within it "Change file/table name" selected with one of my columns named "Locations", so my data is separated into different excel worksheets based on the values in the Location column. This works just fine, but I also want to specify the range for each of these worksheets, where the data will be pasted. Without the settings mentioned before enabled, the Range option works as well (on a single worksheet), but if i separate the data to multiple sheets, than I can not specify the range for each of these sheets, it always starts from the A1 cell. 


I'm trying with something like this:


Write to file or database:



I tried with single and double quotation marks for every position, without success. I feel like I'm missing a step, maybe I have to create an additional variable which contains the location values, but how?




Create a Formula upstream with a new field with the expression in it:

"D:\David\excel_file.xlsx|||" + [Location] + "$B2:AG400"


Then use the "Change Entire File Path" option in the output tool, and select that field.


This worked for me.

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I would have killed for this solution 2 days earlier, but found it out by myself already. Appreciate your help tho, let this solution stand here as good example. :)

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HEY @davoodka ,
Seems like you have find your solution.
If yes, Can you please share the solution with us.

Thank You.