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Optimization Tool - Help!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are fine.

I am working with optimization tool but I am getting stuck.

I have this problem:


I have 16 Route (one route is a combination of origin & destination).

For each route I need to make a defined number of shipment.

As an example The route A needs 10 shipments, route B 7 Shipemnts and so on.


I have 3 carriers.


I have a matrix that tells me witch carreir can covers witch routes ( each carrire can't cover each route).


I have another matrix where for each combination of carrier/route I have the price.


The total price is given by the sum of each combination of N.Shipment*carrier Tariff


the goal is to minimize total price but with those constrains:


- Satisfy route demand: Cover all of the shipment needed

- Do not overcome carrier capacity






attaching a potential solution utilizing the optimization tool

Sorry if I reply late but Thank you very much for your support.

I have last questions regarding this. How can I add another constrains that allow me to add at least 2 carrier per route?
in case that a route is manage is managed by just 1 carrier, avoid this constrain