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Need help building a Single Analytics App

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Hello Experts,


I have two samples file from which I need to extract- Change Request info, Type of Activity, Creation date, Filename.


I created a simple workflow to do that -



Q1. Let's say I don't want to use the Input tool and directory tool both in same workflow. How can I do that in less number of steps?

Q2. Where & how should I add a file browse tool so that when end-users can directly point to the folder location and get the details?


Please help.



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@EN6924  Hi 

Can you try it like this.






This is what I would do:


1. Using the File Input tool, you can select "File Name Only" for Option 5

2. Add the File Browse from the Interface category to your canvas and connect the magnifying glass to the lightning bolt on the Input tool. The Action tool will automatically populate. I tested it with the default configuration "Update Input Data Tool", and it worked well when I tested it in debug.


This is assuming you wanted the user to input a file, if you were wanting a different user experience, please let me know and I'll be happy to assist. :)








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Hi MichelleMitchellLutz,


I tested it and noticed that it works just as I had hoped; however, I did include an output tool so that users may download the outcome.

I previously added a Directory tool because I needed to include the request's (of the excel files) creation/submission time (date only will be sufficient).


Can that also be included in this app? Please let me know.

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Hi Sarreddy,


Thanks for the reply but it's not the output the way I wanted. 

MichelleMitchellLutz already helped me.




1. To include the file and the creation time, you'll either need multiple tools or a batch macro. I'm happy to walk you through that if you'd like to see it. I used a Find and Replace (my fave, ha) to bring in the Creation Date based on the File Name. 


2. You can select View from the top bar, then Interface Designer to further customize your app. I added a Browse and Output tool and checked both to provide "On Success." 








Another option is a Batch Macro, see macro and instructions below.