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Multi Row query

6 - Meteoroid

Hi... I am struggling to manage the format of my data in order to track the journey of a persons contact with us. Currently this data is presented in a series of rows but i'd like to see this in a more linear way... is anybody able to help? I have attached an example of how it may look.... In addition, within the data the system we use also generates duplicate rows where a team is on a row and a worker and team. Where a team and worker are shown I want to keep that row only and lose the row with team only... If anybody can help i would be so grateful as i am pulling my hair out at the moment!!! Thanks in advance....

11 - Bolide

I would suggest doing crosstab for each data field with a join after.  Look at the workflow attached.

6 - Meteoroid

Ohhhh wow!!!  that is amazing - i was totally looking down the wrong route of multi rows.... this is going to help me in so many areas of my data ..... thanks so much...

5 - Atom



Could you suggest the best way to copy text from below rows (not same intervals) using multi-row formula please?


I am struggling quite a bit!