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Meta Info - Custom Fields and Defaults

7 - Meteor

I would like to standardize meta information so that everyone in our organization is filling out consistent information about their workflows. When you click a blank area of the workflow and then select the "Meta Info" tab of the "Workflow - Configuration" pane, there are hard-coded fields that can be filled out. There are not enough fields, so we have a workaround.

Currently, we have a template that has to be pasted into the "Description" box that has tags for the fields that we want to reference later. Instead of the user having to remember to paste in the current version of the template, I would like to be able to add additional fields that can be saved in a configuration file for Alteryx.

Things I would like to add (plus others later):

1. Default the "Author" field with the user's name and Windows username

2. Creation Date

3. Last modified data

4. Version Number (to be incremented manually)

5. Stakeholder name(s)

6. Total Development Time (manually entered)

7. Rename "Description" to "Summary / Purpose"

8. Assumptions and other useful information

9. Changelog (large free-text box)

10. List of data sources (not detailed, but high-level)

11. List of outputs (not detailed, but high-level)

Is there any way to add fields to this list? Can it be added to a future version to allow us to build a template and then store that information within the XML of the document?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@pringleb You can also create a macro without inputs/outputs where the user can input their information. You can share this macro among other users so all they have to do is drag and drop the macro from the tool ribbon. Just have to make sure that this macro is in every workflow somewhere filled out. 


Attached is a sample macro. You can add macros to the tool ribbon by Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings > Macros > +.


Does this help?

7 - Meteor

I've been playing with this and found that it is more powerful this way.  I created a macro that holds the questions and then use that macro to output to a database.  Every time someone runs a workflow, it updates the record in the database. 

9 - Comet

The Macro approach is a bit duplicative with the Customer Managed Telemetry that is now available. 


Also it sounds like you ultimately need to implement governance, which at it's most basic would be a registration database to track your Alteryx Solutions. A slightly more sophisticated approach might contain not only the registration but also some toll gates to make sure that appropriate steps are being followed before the solution progresses. The most basic problem with Alteryx governance is the ability to understand how is not participating in your governance and going rogue. I recommend something like the Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) to help track and manage your Alteryx Environment.