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Matching aggregates from different files

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Hi guys, 

I am new to this tool (kindly provided by my company) and I'm already blocked on some topics. 

I'm trying to retrieve datas from various files to match them and check they are aligned. My sources are balance sheets from various entities and I'd like to match various aggregates between the different BS : 


Balance Sheet ItemsEntity 1Entity 2Entity 3Total
Current assets100120130350
Non-current assets120130140390
Current Liabilities90100110300
Non-current liabilities708090240
Stockholder's equity110120130360


I will have different balance sheets like the one above and my aim is to check if for example the aggregates of total in BS above match with Entity 1 of a second file.


It would be a great help if someone had a solution to this ! 


Many thanks in advance ! 


What about something like this? It takes two files with aggregated data sets, does a transpose to make the data vertical, then a join to link the two data sets up. Finally, a formula is used to identify if any of the values from one file to the other are equal/unequal. Workflow is attached. 


check two data sources.png

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Thanks a lot for your time and answer Brian ! 

It works perfectly for 2 files ! 


My problematic is that I'm working on a consolidation and therefore have to reconcile various entities (displayed on diffferent files), do you think I can use this workflow several times (for the several entities to reconcile) and then have a kind of summary of all reconciliations ? 


Again thanks a lot for your time !