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Macro to run directory tool until file size is greater than 0

6 - Meteoroid

Hi - I'm hoping to monitor a folder for new files using the directory tool. In the directory there will be a file that I need, but the size will initially be 0 until a separate process (not Alteryx) completes, at which point the file size will be populated. I'm hoping there's a way for me to be notified when the file size in the directory is > 0. For that, I need the workflow to keep re-running/looping until this happens. 


I'm wondering if it's possible to do this? I don't have much experience using Iterative Macros, so I'm not sure that the condition can be implemented to keep running until the file size is greater than 0. 


Thank you!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @aweldon1,


Yes, this is exactly what an iterative macro will do.  You will have a filter in place that checks for size>0 and it goes to a macro output that will send the data back out into the main workflow.  But when size is not >0 the data stream will feed into another macro output that will be designated as the Iteration Output in the Interface Designer (see below).   It will also keep running iterations until size >0 or until you reach a maximum number of iterations that you pre-set (see also below).  This will keep you from getting trapped in an infinite loop, where the macro runs indefinitely.  I don't think it is something you would want running all day long though....maybe you would run it when you know the data should be populating soon.