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Learning Pathway Practice Exercise 1 Answer help

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The question is: 

Find the five employees with the highest number of transactions in the Southern region and remove the "Tenure", "Income", and "Computer_ID" columns.


I'm not sure how to solve this using the tools from the first section of learning pathway. 



I've attached the workflow provided by Learning Pathway for this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Hi @mbridgma 


Without doing it for you, it sounds like you'll need the following tools. The lessons/tool configurations should give you a really good idea of what you'll need to do.

  1. Select to remove columns
  2. Sort to sort the data for # of transactions
  3. Sample tool to select the top 5
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 I read the question wrong. I thought I needed to calculate the average, but the transaction amount given is an average according to prompt. Thanks for the help!

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Hello @mbridgma 


I think it is good to try to try to go through these exercises by yourself to learn and also understand how to find different things in the community.

But I can give you some tips on how to think when going through these exercise. I can help out more if you want later if you need some more help than these tips.

Below is how I think when taking on a challenge like this:


1. What do you want to solve and which tools can do these things?


a) You want to find the 5 Employees with the highest number of transactions in the southern region.

You also want to remove the columns "Tenure", "Income" and "Computer_ID".

This means that there are three things you want to:

- Find Top 5 employees by highest transactions

I would recommend to look closer at the sort tool and sample tool


- Only use southern region, look closer at filter tool:



- Remove other columns (Look at Select tool):



I can send you a workflow later that can solve these problems if you need to,

but I would encourage to first to go in to the links and read on how you can configure these

tools to solve it yourself 🙂 


//Hope this helps

Best Regards



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Thank you for the help. I figured it out!

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Hello there everyone,


it seems that there is a problem though... How can I select the five customers with the highest number of transactions when there is a tie between the last 7 out of the top 10?


The first 3 will make it to the final list for sure and I can do that using the sample tool.

But how can I randomly pick between records 4-10 since they all have the value of 50? Any help would be appreciated!

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