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Input 50 protected excel files with different passwords

7 - Meteor

My client has about 50 locked excel files ( with different passwords )

Need to be implemented as input in workflow by built-in tools of designer only ( Can't installing any outsource library for python or R ... consider all process is in offline device) 


1- how can I input all this files

2- how can I unlock all of them (All passwords are known and different)


any help ?


7 - Meteor

؟؟ 🥺

18 - Pollux


1) Your company should have a resource who knows Alteryx if they are marketing themselves as an Alteryx consultant.

2) This is not possible given your limitations.

13 - Pulsar

Hi, @ahmadhw 


As your said, there is no way to save you by built-in tools of designer only. but you can building a function of vba code to batch remove all password of  50 locked excel files at once in Excel, then you can input all .xlsx/xlsm to Alteryx in the offline PC.