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How to get Alteryx to continue the workflow for specific errors

5 - Atom

There are two situations I'd like to explore within Alteryx.


Is there a way to move a workflow past through the dynamic input tool when it is the incorrect "File Format?" I know Alteryx will throw an error saying "unable to open file for read." For example, I'd like the file format to be set as xlsx but the incoming file is a csv. But I'd like the workflow to proceed with the intention of outputting a value on a separate output file saying something along the lines of "error: not excel file."


The next situation is when there is a missing file within a folder. Let's say this is a macro and I am feeding in a path into an input or dynamic tool, but the file is missing. I'd also like the workflow to proceed, but this time with the intention of outputting a value saying "error: missing file."

12 - Quasar

Hi @aizel


I think something like this is what you are looking for. I am passing the file path to a simple batch macro that checks the extension. If the extension is xlsx, it brings in the data, if it's anything else, it outputs an error message.


Note: you will need to update the template file in the dynamic input inside the batch macro for your use case. 




Batch Macro



Hope this helps,



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I agree with @Greg_Murray  - there's no way to do this just with the input tools or with workflow config (i.e. no option exists within Alteryx to say "if my file is in the wrong format - then change the format and don't throw an error or terminate the workflow")


But much safer is to use a directory tool to look for the files - and then either use a macro or a dynamic input (macros are more flexible) to read the data.