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Help -- my certification exam stopped working in the middle of the test

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I am in the middle of my certification exam (completed almost 75% of it) and it has stopped working. I get an error that says "Looks like a small error has occurred. You can go back and try again.

A message has been sent to our development team so we can look into this for you. Feel free to Contact us with details on your actions if this continues to happen."


I can't seem to find any way to get back into the exam.  Any help?

Little E

8 - Asteroid

Nevermind, it looks like someone from Alteryx certification is looking into this for me.  Thanks

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Hope your issue was resolved! Do you know if this is a general issue? Looking to take the certification exam but the link doesn't appear to work.

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Hi sbatistas:

Apparently it is an issue with the 3rd party vendor that runs the exams.  I was told that when they start functioning well again that I would be able to pick up my exam where I left off.  They will send me a link by email to do this.

  I haven't yet received the link, so I'm guessing the site is still down -- and that you will not be able to start your exam until they are back up.

Best of luck.

-Little E


Hi @sbatistas ,


The site is up and functioning normally at this time.  You should be able to access the exam when you are ready.


All the best,



Alteryx Certification Team