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Help! Macro output is different from what it actually calculated

7 - Meteor

Hi all,
So I have this macro which is a loop structure. I have noticed a case on my final output that disrespects one of my conditions.
After a thorough investigation, when I was certain that all my conditions were right, I started playing this macro and saving output after output until the case that I was investigating met all the conditions and was taken out of this loop structure macro, all good so far (attached file "Macro output - right values")
But when I looked at the macro output on the main workflow for this specific case, I found that the values were different already (attached file "Macro output on the main workflow - different values"). What is the most strange thing is that those values are random for the most part and weren't there even from the beggining. There isn't a single case in my workflow that those number could be under 4 and those are even lower.
Is this an error? somebody help please :)

7 - Meteor

I confirm this.

I had a similar issue. After hours and hours struggling to get this running fine!


Basically, I also suspected that the first 2 actions for create table and select * from table were not being correctly updated since they had similar names:




I changed them for:

- {PARAM1}



and it's working now. Which means, we might as well use names that are not closed to reserved ones like TABLE or names that derive from each other? I don't really now.😑

5 - Atom

I can also confirm this. 


I had a variable enter the macro called Month, then in the macro recalculate a new variable Month. Output was messed up. if I ran the macro as a test workflow it functioned correctly. 


To solve this I renamed the calculated variable in the macro to Month_new. I then renamed it in the report I generate to be Month.