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Filter date range

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Hi all, I am currently doing out a macro where user can filter between start date and end date. However, when I put the macro in the main flow, it is not updating the dates at all. Will like you guys to check my macro if its correct, thank you.

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Hi @fangyi189,


I took a look at your macro and the reason why the macro did not update was because of a very subtle incorrect setting in the Action tools. You actually next to make sure you have selected "Expression - value=" from the filter drop down menu. This is how you choose what you want the Action tool to update in the filter tool below it.


Also I would recommed you use the Update Value with Formula option for the Action tool, as its better practice and should give you less hassle in the future. With "replace a specific string" you need to make sure that the filter tool below it actualy has the specific string in it that you want to replace, people can change it without you knowing "breaking" the macro.


I've attached two macros below for you to have a look at.


Hope this helps,



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Hi, thanks for the response and advice!