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Error: Union In-DB: No In-Database data received

6 - Meteoroid



I am working on comparing a production table to a Dev table.

Both tables are at a transaction level, so I'd like to do as much of the work In-DB as possible.

The moral of my workflow is I am using the dates in my Production table to create the queries for my Dev tables. Then I need to union them all and compare. 

I started creating a workflow all In-DB, but soon ran into an error with my union tool. I figured this was due to my original production table being on one DB and my Dev table on another. So I transition my Production table to be a regular input tool and then sending it to a temp table in my Dev DB through a Data Stream In. 

However, I am still getting an error of "No In-Database data received", Throughout the entire workflow there is no DB connection to anything other than the Dev DB, so I'm not sure why the Union tool isn't receiving any Data, all of the browse tools I've added show data. 

Below is a simplified and data stripped image of what I am attempting to do. 


Any Insight would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunate I can not post the actual workflow, but hoping there is some insight to be held without it. 

Thank you!

8 - Asteroid

Hello @willcogs26.

You Union, what configuration has when fields are differents? If you have with "Error- Stop processing", the workflow stop and no send data because the fields are different. You need use the configuration of "Output all fields".

union in-db.png

 Other possible error is if you have a field with different type of data (example: the field ID enter with varchar and the other conection enter with integer), in this case, you only need change the type of data in one of the fields (integer with integer or string with string).


Add: All "Data Stream In" need work in the same connection name (aka) because Alteryx not work with the workflow, is the DB. Example, all Data Stream In work with the connection name of "MySQL Developer" to apply Union In-DB Tool.


Good Luck!!!