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Email Not Sending All - multiple reports

7 - Meteor

I have a workflow that combines multiple different smaller workflows into one massive workflow (They use the same data but for different reasons and I am not on server. I don't want to run 5 workflows.)


I have reports set up for each workflow. These are set up using a formula to add the recipient's name & the date to each file name. Then using the file name field to attach the files to the emails. The formula is DateTimeToday() so there is no minutes or seconds in the file name.


One recipient gets multiple files attached from different workflows. This person's email is not launching:


  • There is no error message
  • This email is created by filtering out that person and creating an separate email
    • The email not launching is attaching reports from other workflows  
    • The other emails that only contain 1 file from the current workflow are launching
  • The summary of inbound step shows all data needed to launch present
    • The files are present in the folder with the proper name
    • I can paste the file name from the inbound data into explorer to locate & open the files
  • The files are all created in the same minute (e.g., 9:35 AM Central) 

Could this be because the other reports are not created until after that step processes (even by seconds)? Would this occur even though my time format doesn't include minutes/seconds in the name?


(Note: I recreated the email process then attached it to another workflow and it launches. So technically my issue is solved but from a learning curve, I am interested in how this works.)  

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello @TimK10 

Have you managed to resolve the issue with your email not sending?

If not, can you please include your workflow as the screenshot doesnt expand large enough to review what could be happening. 

In addition, without being able to see the workflow, it is difficult for the Community to be able to troubleshoot the issue. If possible, please upload a copy of your workflow so that the community can investigate further.



Community Moderator
7 - Meteor

I was just curious about is there--in general--an issue with emails based on where they are placed, i.e., as a general rule:


  • Do emails run based on position placed in workflow; or
  • Do emails wait to run until all other processes occur regardless of location.) 


The workflow works in that I moved the placement of the email to a stage that is after the one it was originally in. I also did some other runs that worked fine when I updated the underlying data reports. 

It is working now by simply adding the email to the backend of the process. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


I have checked your questions and found that "The Email tool runs as the last tool in your workflow."

Please also review links on this discussion post.