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EMAIL tool, multiple BCC failure.

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Everyone.


We have a workflow that delivers an email to multiple clients, and we use the BCC field to copy some partners that should be aware of the process but not directly involved with the clients.


I recently updated my Designer to the 2020.3.9 version, and since then the BCC is not working properly, it only recognizes the first email on the BCC list. The tool does not shows error message but only the first BCC receives the copy.


I tried rearranging the order of the contacts, using both "," and ";" as separator, and also I tried both using a contact list from a field on the data and manually filled on the tool field. None of the test worked, the issue persist.


Does someone knows what can I do to fix it?


Thanks you all


@Inactive User  - Can you ensure your recipient list, for all of the outgoing fields (To, Cc, Bcc), is delimited with either a comma or semicolon along with excluding any spaces? Below are two examples of the expected formatting for multiple recipients.,,;;

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks! The issue was that each email was separated by a semicolon plus a space. I excluded the space and everything worked perfectly.


The weird thing is that the "To" part of the email is still including the whitespaces and it works perfectly.