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Dynamic input tool - Error - Sheet not specified

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I have found several threads on this topic but can’t find a solution that works. I am using a directory input with a filter to find the files that I need. Then I add a dynamic input, I select the file as a template, then select the sheet I want from the work book.


i set the file name and choose the option change entire path, when I run the query, I get an error telling me I haven’t specified a sheet?


if I remove all other sheets in the workbook, runs no problem. It’s only when I have multiple worksheets in the workbook that it errors! 

any ideas?

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Hello @Bigmonki,


Are you using the same sheet for all of your excel workbooks?


If that is the case just add a formula tool with the following to edit the fullpath column:


[FullPath] + '|||Sheetname'


By specifying the sheetname on the path directly the error is solved!


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@afv2688 Hey, that worked fine. I am still puzzled though, just me probably, but within the Dynamic input it asks me which sheet, so why do I need to add a formula to tell it which sheet?


All my workbooks are in the same format so it isn't that. The dynamic input sheet selection works if there is only one worksheet in the workbook, maybe its a bug.


Thanks for the help, this has resolved my issue

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I had the same issue, and i ended up using a flow converting my xlsx files into csv, and then using it.

Since it seems to be xls files saved with a incorrect extension.


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Please add formula tool EXACTLY as below between directory and dynamic input tool: 


It should work!