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Download files from Azure Blob Storage

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Since the posts I've read on this are older (year or so) I thought I'd ask if there was a way to download files with Alteryx from Azure blob storage?  Or is this for some reason still not supported natively?


Post About Blob Storage from 2 years ago 


Post from 2018 



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Not yet, but we are considering adding the support for Azure Blob store in the future releases. We are in constant process of evaluating our clients' interest in new connectors and the development roadmap reflects, among other factors, the support for the ideas of new connectors here on the Community pages. 

In another words: likes help


But regarding Azure Blob store, we are considering this for 2020.



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Thanks for the update, Bora. I would urge that this be considered as high priority for 2020. My company is making a significant shift to Azure and I would really like to see a straightforward way for my team to get access to blob storage, much like what is implemented for S3 today. Having to maintain a series of connectors to authenticate and download/upload files is a pain point for me.

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Hi Scheuller


This post might help, I don't know the full scope of your needs, but this third party solution does provide live connection to Azure Blob storage and provides data to Designer via a macro in the gallery.


Hope this helps.



And what is the status now in 2020?

Azure will have it's ADLS gen2 out of beta very soon.

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@bora_perusic  almost halfway through 2020.  Any updates?

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@ISUGraber : we have started to work on the upgrade of the ADLS connector (to support Gen2), so if you access BlobStore via ADLS G2, the new connector will help. Hopefully a couple of months to a beta.

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Is the Azure blob storage connector available?

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@bora_perusic is this tool available on 2020.4 or when is it planned to release. Thanks In Advance.