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DCM and Tableau Output Tool

8 - Asteroid

does anyone know how to use DCM in Tableau output tool?


I have created the data source and linked the credentials in the Manage connections settings. Now, when i try to set up Tableau output tool, it doesn't allow me to select the connection from DCM window.


Add the Tableau Output Tool as shown below:


Add Tableau output toolAdd Tableau output tool


Clicked on set up connection and saw the window with Filtered to tableau connector, however don't have an option or add it




anyone has an experience on how to set it up or config this? I'm on version 2021.4 


Thanks in advance

8 - Asteroid

Found the solution. when you create credentials there is a checkbox to "allow connection on SDK", this should be checked to select the connection from the Connection Manager. you can do that by clicking on edit option, once this is selected, Connect button gets enabled. 

5 - Atom

I can't seem to find the SDK option, I'm on version 2022.1.1.42590 is this something that is available for this version?