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ConsumerView Address NOT Matching CASS Address

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I'm running a Mosaic analysis on customer data using the ConsumerView Matching Macro, matching on address only.  Virtually all of my address are matching on CASS with a CASS Result of AS01 or AS02 (Meaning they're valid according to CASS)


However, when I inspect the ConsumerView addres outputs, the primary address and FIPS Zip Code are different more often than not.  For example I ran 393 households, 359 matched, 309 had a different FIPS Zip than the CASS Zip.


I just updated CASS yesterday and I recently updated my bundle to q4 2017.  Any ideas?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @BPurcell2 - can you provide a sample workflow with some sample data so that I can look into this for you?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This was handled offline - so just posting an update here for any other users experiencing this issue.


The issue appears to be conflicting installs of the CV Matching Macro that comes with each quarterly update. If you have multiple vintages of ConsumerView installed - then the CV Matching Macro can read a differing vintage of a fuzzy matching file included with the CV data that causes incorrect matching. Uninstalling the previous vintages so that you only have the most recent vintage installed is the solution to this issue.