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Changing Time Format

8 - Asteroid

I was given an Excel spreadsheet with call metrics.  When this report is run, the time fields display in MM:SS (ex. 4:53).  When it is exported, Excel changes it to a time format. 04:53:00 AM.  When I bring the the spreadsheet into Alteryx, 04:53:00 is shown.  Is there a formula or way to get this into a HH:MM:SS view to show 00:04:53 to represent being on the phone for four minutes and fifty three seconds?

9 - Comet

Hey Rick, 


I took a shot at this one and I have it converting.  I am attaching the workflow that I did below so let me know if this is what you were wanting to do.  





ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Alteryx treats Times as strings (`HH: MM: SS`) so the easiest way is to use a formula tool with string functions to make a new time:


Left('00:' + [Time], 8)

Attached as a simple demo

5 - Atom





i need help in converting the timezone into a different one so i inserted a formula to combine the date and time but it has removed the AM/PM and the combined date and time doesn't reflect in military time. It just combined the date and time but the time is not reflecting as the correct one. 02:50:45 PM only shows as 02:50:45 so that makes it 02:50 AM. 


if someone could also show me how to convert the date and time?