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Azure connection

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I am tring to connect a individual database inside my azure SQL server by using Data Input node, but I recive the following error:


Error encounered : ERROR [4200][Microsoft[SQL SErver Native Cleint 11.0][SQL server] Refrence to database and/orserver name in 'master.sysdatabases' is not supported in this version of SQL server


I have installed the latest version of Alteryx and required version for SQL Server Native.

I was able to connect concerned DB with In-Database nodes



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Hi @EsaM,

Which version of Native Client are you using?  


For some Azure connections, you must append the server name to the Login ID within the Microsoft Azure SQL Database DSN Configuration window. For example:

If a Login ID is user123-admin and the server name is, you would enter for the Login ID.


If you continue to have this issue after you try that, I suggest contacting Customer Support at