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Automated Server Error Messages

6 - Meteoroid
Newbie Here:

I was given the task of somehow having our scheduled tasks "report" back on if they failed or not since currently we have someone checking each morning.

My first idea was to change all the workflows into macros and then put them all in one giant workflow and then add an event that sent an email if it ran with an error.  This took far too long.

Next we looked to see if there was any type of log on the server, it seemed like there was but when checked, it didn't contain errors that we had had.  Is there any ideas on why this is?

Currently I have just added the error send email event to each individual workflow.  But I want to believe there is a better way than this :)

Thank you for all ideas/advice you can give. 
10 - Fireball
Hi Jacob,

I don't think this exactly answers your question but with a little tweaking you should be able to customise it.

There is a gallery Usage Report App available from that creates a report for the Server Usage. I have not looked into it much and so am not sure about the Fail/Pass capabilities in the report, however I think this may be the start of what you want. (You can then schedule this as your last job for the morning and have an email event trigger).

Hope this helps,
6 - Meteoroid

Step 1: Workflow - Configuration > Events > Send Email...




Step 2: In the Edit Event window, choose to e.g. send an email after workflow has run, if any error occurs.