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Alteryx MongoDB connections

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Am trying to create a report of users and connections being used, but having issues connecting to the Alteryx mongoDB using MongoDB input. Running the designer from local machine, the DB is on server I don't have mongoDB ODBC drivers either installed on local machine or server as I can tell.Capture2.PNG



Tried using IP and host name







Collection isn't being populated even if after refresh







DB version 3.0.4 so BI connector out of question for time being.




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@Zul - I beleive that most Alteryx MongoDBs are running through port 27018.  Try that first and see if it helps.  One thing that I've noticed is that you typically don't need to specificy a protocol:  --- instead of


Also, I've attached an application that we use for a Node.js web app to see our Gallery's users and their sessions.  Perhaps you'll find it useful.  More specifically, you'll probably just want to open up and pick apart the macros in the app that do all the work.

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The latest release of Alteryx (2018.1) uses Mongo 3.4 which I believe should support the BI Connector. Another option is to install a more recent version of MongoDB on the same machine or another machine and run the gallery off of that. We did this in production and found it to be a little more performant

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Thank you both for the reply, currently running older version of Alteryx and mongoDB hence this hassle and as for upgrading it would resolve a lot of these issues but depends on the business.