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AMP - Processing Threads not recognising all cores in settings

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Hi All, 


I am trying to set the number of cores in my advanced settings, and have noticed it is only using 10, and does not recognise the full 64. It was previosuly stating that it was running 64, but has suddenly switched to 10.


When I try to edit the setting it automatically reverts to 10.


Also does anyone know why on my other machine that has 10 cores, it runs as 21 threads, but on this machine with 64, it was running 64. Very confused now.


Any help much appreciated.






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @warrencowan ,


what license do you have? Are you talking about the Alteryx Designer or Server?


The Alteryx Server is licensed by cores - this might be the reason why it is limited on your side.



It is not recommended to change the "default number of processing threads" in the settings:



Best regards






The behavior you're running into adjusting the thread setting is actually a known issue. If a user adjusts the thread count setting from whatever the machine defaults to within the System Settings application, the settings value will not allow you to change it to a value more than 10.


Alteryx should calculate the default properly - if your machine has 16 cores, the default value should show N+1 as of 2020.2 (17 processing threads). If for some reason you want to change this value and the machine has more than 10 cores, you come across the issue that you're mentioning.


As a workaround, you can manually modify the Engine > NumThreads setting of your RuntimeSettings.xml file within %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx. Be sure to restart AlteryxService after saving the change.


Alteryx is working on fixing the issue for a future release.


Jerad Rades