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AMP Engine Conversion Errors

11 - Bolide

We have recently upgraded to 2022.3, so I am testing old workflows with the AMP Engine.


In one, I am pulling data from a SQL table.  Some of the fields are Fixed Decimal 12.0.  I then use a Select tool to change that type to Int32, but with AMP Engine I get conversion errors.

      Field01:  22281 lost information in translation

      Field02:  13582 lost information in translation


All of the fields I am changing have numbers that do not have a decimal portion and will fit into an Int32.


Any ideas?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I think the error could come from how decimals vs integers are stored (float vs integers). Even if the values are effectively the same, there's clearly some conversion going on changing 1077.0 to 1077. 


I would suggest reviewing the Conversion Error messages to see if anything unexpected is happening (you can copy the message text out and parse it, or enable a logging directory in your system settings). If everything is coming out as expected, then maybe limit the conversion error messages in the Runtime settings and move on. 


What do you think?

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Did you happen to try compatibility mode?

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@MarqueeCrew  - I get the same result with or without Engine Compatibility Mode


@CharlieS  - The data is coming out as expected.

My Conversion Error settings started as below.

I checked "Stop Processing When Limit is Reached" and had no change.

I unchecked both and had no change.



11 - Bolide

I have found a workaround.  The Multi-Field Formula configured as below converts the field with no conversion errors.


It would be nice if both engines performed the conversion in the Select tool with no errors, but change is inevitable.





@dYoast thank you for reporting an issue with AMP engine and the workaround with the Multi-Field Formula tool.

We will create a defect to fix behaviour with the Select tool.