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Differences between Alteryx Designer Desktop and Alteryx Designer Cloud?

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


Is there a lot of difference between Alteryx Designer Desktop and Alteryx Designer Cloud?


I do not have Machine Learning License on my desktop version yet. Does Auto Insights/Machine Learning come default with Alteryx Designer Cloud?


Please let me know the main Pros/Cons.


Our data is not on cloud, its on traditional DBs




18 - Pollux

1) Yes.

2) No.

3) Designer Cloud is internal to a cloud hyperscaler and offers better integration to a holistic cloud environment. 

4) When you say traditional DBs you mean like on-prem? like a server you own? I do not believe you will see any speed advantages with Designer Cloud. Pending your use-cases I would stick with Designer.

7 - Meteor

Thanks for responses. 


When you answer Yes for 1, what are the main differences?


I meant we are not connected to any Outside Cloud databases like Snowflake or Alteryx Sever. We work on Oracle Servers. 



18 - Pollux

I'd recommend playing around with Designer Cloud on a trial license. Then you can play around. I'm not sure what you mean by the main differences. Different tools - one is serverless. One operates on loading things into ram. One supports JDBC and ODBC - the other only ODBC...


Oracle Servers can be hosted on-prem, on OCI, on AWS/GCP/Azure (via bare metal instance).... If you are running Redshift or BigQuery - that would point to what cloud environment is native for your company. If you are not using a Cloud hyperscaler at all - that would be odd.