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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I love summertime. Personally, October isn't my favourite month. During that time, the temperature drops, and days get dark and gloomy. However, this time I can't wait for October to start. This time is different. This time Alteryx Inspire is coming!


Trust me; I am super pumped because of that!


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There are hundreds of reasons for me to get excited!


As you already know, Alteryx is my passion. I have been living and breathing with Alteryx for several years but never had a chance to be present at the live Inspire event! Moreover, it is well-known that Alteryx knows how to organize a great conference. This is another reason why I cannot skip it.


This will be my first chance to be in a room full of people talking about Alteryx. I will be able to meet Alteryx fans from all over the world.


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I will have a chance to meet other Alteryx Aces, amazing people working in Alteryx, and other Alteryx fans in person. It will be a great chance to network and have hundreds of exciting conversations about our shared passion!

I will also be able to present on stage with the legendary Mark Frisch (@MarqueeCrew), which is a huge deal for me. So if you want to know how to "Alteryx Like an ACE," you need to join our session!


Besides that, I will deliver another session with my business partner, Bart Smuga. We will talk about setting up internal Alteryx communities. So if you still don't have a good community within your organization, you need to join us and listen to our presentation!


As an entrepreneur, it will also be an outstanding possibility to network with my current and future clients. Relationships in business are crucial, and I look forward to talking with people whom Data Pal or I can help.


I also recently started to read “MASTERPIECE: The Emotional Journey to Creating Anything Great...Anything”. Who knows, maybe I will have a chance to get my book signed by Dean Stoecker - Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Alteryx.


Lastly, it will be the first time in Amsterdam. I know this is a fantastic city with many cool things you can do and visit while being there.



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This list could go on and on, but In summary, there are hundreds of reasons why I can't wait for the Inspire conference. As a takeaway from this blog post, please remember that each visitor will have two things in common. All of them would like to know more about Alteryx, and they all would like to network. So if you will see me at the conference don't be shy and talk to me about Alteryx!


What are you most looking forward to in Amsterdam? Comment below!