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6 - Meteoroid

The Story


Edwards Deming famously said – “In God we trust, others must bring data.” The next question then becomes, what do we do with the data once we have it? The answer, for me, is simple – we use Alteryx!


My personal journey with Alteryx started when our program director announced a collaboration with Alteryx through the Alteryx SparkED program. While I had little knowledge of the tool at the time, the program structure was a perfect blueprint for my learning. Despite my background in electrical engineering, Alteryx's intuitive toolset made it easy for me to pour all my energy into data processing. I could easily apply my business acumen to any type of data with Alteryx, and this made my transition into the data world an easy one.


What stands out the most about Alteryx is its ease of use. With a sample provided for every tool, self-learning is enabled to a great degree, and the documentation is well laid out. Following the course structure as my blueprint, I was able to earn my Alteryx Micro Credentials in just five days. Feeling confident, I took a shot at the Designer Core the very next day and earned that certification as well. Since then, I have been solving weekly challenges and helping others around me to get Core certified, which has been a great learning experience for me.




         I could easily apply my business acumen to any type of data with Alteryx, and this made my transition into the data world an easy one.   



I use Alteryx daily for most of my data-intensive tasks, including projects that are part of my coursework. Working with complex datasets has never been easier, and my teammates, who are new to the tool, are amazed at how simple it is to switch between datasets or even run multiple tools simultaneously. They are now eager to learn and develop their skills, and it's clear that Alteryx is becoming the go-to tool for data analytics at UT Dallas. We are not worried about cleaning datasets anymore; adding on tax datasets does not scare us one bit :)


I even had the opportunity to participate in the Alteryx Datathon organized at UT Dallas, where 100 business analytics graduate students were split into 25 teams to solve real business problems over two days. We had some interesting cases from The Walt Disney Company, Goldman Sachs, NOV, and RSM, and it was a great opportunity to interact with industry experts and Alteryx ACEs. This experience reinforced my belief that Alteryx is the ideal tool for working with data.




The Impact




Alteryx has made my career transition easier, and I look forward to continuing to use it in my studies and future career. Its user-friendly features have helped me develop my skills and become a more effective business analyst. As Deming said, others must bring data, and with Alteryx, I can bring data in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Finally, here's my interview from the Datathon:




You can learn more about the Alteryx SparkED program here: