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For the premiere webinar of Alteryx Fanalytics, Alteryx is excited to announce “Swing Into Analytical Success” with featured guest LGPA Pro Michelle Wie West on March 22nd, 2023!



During this exclusive webinar, attendees will hear how Michelle uses data to improve her performance on and off the golf course. This session will provide insight into Michelle's swing analysis, game strategy, and data-driven approach to optimizing her training regimen. As an added bonus, attendees who register and attend the webinar will have a chance to win some cool prizes.


Register now!jermelquillopo_0-1678399712766.jpeg


Extend your golf experience and put your analytical skills to the test with these golf community challenges. Enter your workflow to compete for an Alteryx Golf Fanalytics Swag pack that consists of an Alteryx signed hat from Michelle Wie, an Alteryx polo, and Alteryx golf balls. The competitions are:

  • Alteryx Virtual Caddy App! Take your shot at being an Alteryx golf phenom! Test out this workflow to see if you can achieve the same Virtual Caddy output with the fewest number of tools! Enter by April 22nd.
  • Predictions Community Challenge Predict the winner of the 2023 Masters Tournament! Can you build the best model? Enter by April 5th.


Finally, read “The Next Era of Golf” Whitepaper to learn from analytics-powered use cases throughout the golf industry that you may relate to in yours.