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Alteryx is excited to announce our new intuitive developer center – Alteryx IO!  


Alteryx IO is our new developer center that offers a user-friendly interface, a supportive developer community, and engaging content and resources that cater to a variety of learning styles. We know programming can be incredibly time-consuming, difficult, and sometimes intimidating, and we understand the importance of being able to extend the power of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. That’s why we’re aiming to make development a breeze for everyone, regardless of their expertise level. 


Let’s take a tour of some of the exciting new features of Alteryx IO.


Home Page 


IO home screen.gif


Our updated landing page can be found by visiting!  This landing page provides easy access to resources for programming with our SDKs, utilizing the Alteryx APIs, and accessing the Alteryx GitHub. 




IO Resources Page.gif


Visit the resources page of Alteryx IO to check out our updated documentation for the Platform SDK.  The updated resources aim to make using the SDKs easy for people of all development levels through a multitude of content.  For example, we’ve included step-by-step get started guides that feature code samples and walk through how to set up your development environment.  Additionally, we have examples of tools that have already been created to demonstrate the power of the Alteryx SDKs.  Lastly, we’ve created an FAQ doc to address common questions that people run into when programming with the SDKs. To get started building a tool for Alteryx Designer, check out our Getting Started Guide 


Technical Documentation 


IO tech documentation.gif


For those of you with more technical experience, you may be wondering if Alteryx IO is for you? To that, we say most definitely!  We encourage you to click the “Documentation” button in the Alteryx IO navigation bar to access our SDK References.  This will enable you to see what functionality is available to solve your specific use cases from a more technical standpoint.  Additionally, if you prefer to view documentation in GitHub, you can do so by visiting our ayx-developer-sdk repository 




IO dev forum.gif


Alteryx IO also has its own developer forum, which we invite you to visit if you have any questions or to chat with other Developers.  The developer forum is the spot to ask about any challenges you run into and see if other programmers have come across the same thing.  You can filter through conversation topics by selecting tags located on the right side of the page or search for what you’re looking for using the search bar.  


In conclusion, Alteryx IO is the perfect solution for Developers of all skill levels. Its easy-to-use interface and resources that cater to every learning style make the development process less complicated. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Alteryx IO can help you achieve your development goals and create amazing custom solutions that expand the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. So why not give it a try? Come build with us at  


Get Started creating with Alteryx IO today!