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Alteryx Certifications are not only a symbol of personal achievement but also an industry-recognized validation of your knowledge and skills. You can list them on your LinkedIn profile and resume or show off your certification badges on social media. Certifications help you stand out in a crowd! 


Today, we are excited to announce our newest addition, Alteryx Server Administration Certification.  


Cert_Server Admin 3.png


The Alteryx Server Administration Certification exam tests your knowledge of Gallery administration settings, data source integrations, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting. The exam prep guide breaks down each domain so you can study and prepare before attempting the test. 


Brush up on your skills with the Alteryx Server Admin Learning Path. Once you are ready, take the exam, which is free, online, and open book. Good luck! 


Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 1.43.53 PM.png


Haven’t heard about Server? Alteryx Server is a pillar of the Alteryx Platform, allowing users to share, automate, and scale analytic processes. It also acts as a conduit with other products in the Alteryx Platform, such as Alteryx Designer and Connect. Learn more. 


If you are not yet Alteryx certified, or if your certification has expired, visit the Alteryx Product Certification Program page and start preparing to take the exam that best fits your level of knowledge and technical skill.  

17 - Castor

Brilliant! Been wanting to dive deeper into the server side of things so will be sure to check out the learning path and hopefully have a decent stab at the cert before long. Thanks team!

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

@ashleysarnacki  - Thanks ! so excited to say that I passed the exam today :) 


17 - Castor

Knocked this one out yesterday, good to see more certifications being rolled out!



12 - Quasar

Mine is here--



13 - Pulsar

Another great addition to the list of certifications provided by Alteryx, and a good complementary certification to the Alteryx Partner Server Implementation exam!

Happy to add this one to the collection!!




11 - Bolide

Done for me ! :) 

As feedback, I would say that I found that a lot of questions are repeated in the exam. Might be worth doing only 1h and 40 questions..




Congrats all! A little late to the game but joining the line of our server greats! 😎




8 - Asteroid

what is the score to pass?