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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

One of the most satisfying things about being an Advocacy Professional and working at Alteryx is how passionate our customers and partners are. The old proverb, "a problem shared is a problem halved" is demonstrated time and time again on the Alteryx Community as members collaborate, solve, and achieve more with analytics best practice. Where else can you start a thread and have a reply within 30 minutes and a verified solve in under an hour?!


Our Alteryx Innovator program launched almost 3 months ago and what an incredible energy we have witnessed so far. The Innovator program is a network of Alteryx customers and partners who want to share their accomplishments and experiences with the world. Amplifying experiences is a goal of any advocacy program and the Alteryx Innovators have truly relished the invitation to shout about their own:




Seeing the Innovator logo light up LinkedIn and Twitter has been truly inspirational and, we have to admit, we in the Advocacy Team are slightly obsessed with searching for it now! What has shone through for me personally is the sheer pride of our customers in being data and analytics professionals and the excitement in having a platform to shout about it.  


Have you ever wanted to delve a little deeper into the Alteryx platform as it relates to a particular industryAlteryx Innovator and ACE, Heather Harris (@HeatherHarrishas been busy interviewing fellow Innovators to share their experiences of Alteryx in their industry and role. So far, Heather has chatted to Cameron O'Donnell (@tug01519), Dave Elliott (@delliott), Kara Mills (@kara_mills), Ashley Vincent (@alv728) and Isacar Racine (@iracine) and there are more on the horizon so make sure you subscribe to the Industry Discussions board 


On July 15, our Innovators convened on the first in a series of events designed to allow knowledge-sharing, networking and real-time feedback; we had the privilege of listening to Dr Nick Jewell, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Alteryx, who discussed Analytics Process Automation and how it brings together data, processes and people to achieve tremendous business impact. Nick also provided a demonstration of Alteryx Intelligence Suite and Assisted Modelling. We were inspired by the honest and articulate suggestions and constructive responses to our real-time event polling questions; the value of providing feedback is mentioned by 100% of customers that we talk to in the Advocacy teamInnovators who were unable to attend the live webinar can find the recording within the Innovator Forum.  


If you haven’t already joined the Innovators but you like the sound of all of the above, then sign up here! 


No matter the size or scope of an organization, any technology investment is going to be scrutinized, and in the wake of Covid-19, this has never been more pertinent. When producing a business casethe experience of others is crucial validation in the decision-making process. As a wise former sales colleague of mine once said, "the first thing I do after a potential customer explains their challenge is share a relatable story which allows them to picture their business as the hero. Nobody can make a future decision without considering the art of the possible." I think about this conversation every day as I meet Innovators who reflect on the start of their own Alteryx journey and the positive effect of speaking to an existing customer, reading a case study, perusing a blog, seeing a quote or listening to a customer presentation 


A very recent chat with an Alteryx Innovator ended with this anecdote, "I actually think I enjoy the conversations more than the future Alteryx customer as we quite often start to discuss industry trends, best practices and I learn so much in a short space of time. Sharing really is caring!"


Our Innovators are already sharing their experience on the art of the possible. Check out the latest in the The X Factor INPUT blog series to hear from Ian Reed and how he is shaping a true culture of analytics at Signet Jewelers and read how Seth Moskowitz used the power of the Alteryx Community to accelerate his own learning and problem-solving capabilities!  


If you would like to learn, share, guide, advise, mentor and be generally awesome then become an Alteryx Innovator 


Until next month, 

Your Alteryx Customer Advocacy Team