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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Consider this: you have been searching for a household item on the internet and have narrowed the choices to two based on product and feature information on the company websites. Before making your final decision, what do you do? If you are anything like me, you will get distracted by some other chore or notification and the laundry will continue to pile up until you return to the search. But enough about me – my point is that most people would not make the final purchase until they have looked at some unbiased reviews of the products in question.  


Now, consider you are making a purchase at work with budget for which you are the business owner. Making a business decision is a huge responsibility. With multiple stakeholder involvement, large budgetary requirements, compliancy considerations, implementation concerns (the list goes on) - IT decisions can often be the most complex. The process can be arduous, and it helps to have the right information available at the right time to ensure the final decision is well informed.  You may be in an organization where the choices are already mapped out and it is a case of compare and contrast, or you may be in a position to look at a wide market of platform, tools and vendor possibilities. Regardless of the decision tree, you will want to browse some content from current users of the proposed solutions in various formats such as case studies, use case documents, articles or presentations.  


Alteryx advocates have been where you are and appreciate the value of shared experience; they joined the Innovator program to share their own stories. Customer stories bring product and feature information to life by placing those features in real business environments amongst actual teams solving tangible challenges. Everyone is different, and how you choose to consume that content differs greatly. Below are some recent examples of customer stories from our Innovator network:



Andre Tokman,Supervisor, Big Data
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC
Ever wondered how to drive meaningful insights from telematics data? Check out the on-demand webinar where Innovator @atokman explains how Bendix Corporation is using data to build a culture of safety and better understand driver behavior and vehicle performance. 

Activities Icons Community (1).png

Raghav Nargotra, Analytics Manager
Foranyone interested in how you grow a culture of analytics within a global brand, listen to Innovator @rag- ryx describe how 7-Eleven is redefining convenience through nonstop innovation. 
Nick Bignell, Director of Data Science (@NickBignnell)

Franky Stephenson, Head of Business Intelligence (@FrankyS)

Anthony Nolan
If you are seeking to inspire business leaders, then tune in to Alteryx Visionaries, Franky Stephenson and Nick Bignell sharing their opinions on the best way to harness the power of people and their ability to innovate, transform and solve. 

Gemma Hulbert, Chief Data Officer (@Gemma1)



Jamie Beason, Analytics and Productivity Leader (@JNBeason)

Ingersoll Rand



Often, a longer form piece of written content delivered to stakeholders at the right moment can be excellent in providing deeper insights into how technology has made an impact within an organisation. In these case studies, learn how Ingersoll Rand automated multi-million-dollar supply chain  processes or how Gymshark transformed their audience marketing campaigns to build a global brand all with the power of Analytics Process Automation.  


I know these stories are not a crystal ball, and every company has unique processes that can be the very reason that decisions are hard to make in the first place. But you can bet that within our Innovator network, there is someone with a similar experience to offer that can ease the journey to the best solution. If you would like to help other people make difficult decisions or would like access to a network of passionate Alteryx advocates, join the Innovator program


Until next time, 

Your Customer Advocacy team