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The Alteryx For Good program is currently being updated to better reflect our organizational values. Please be on the lookout for news regarding our new community presence in the future.

Alteryx For Good Program Overview


Alteryx for Good delivers game-changing benefits of breakthrough data science and analytics capabilities into schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations, and it offers support to those whose employment has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Students gain data skills needed to succeed. Professors engage students at the boundaries of knowledge with the latest technological developments. Nonprofits use analytics to improve operations, from engaging volunteers to elevating program outcomes. New graduates and those enduring employment hardships are provided with free resources to skill up and jump back into their careers stronger and smarter than before.


ADAPT Training & Certification Program – Expand Your Skillset

Prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce and fuel your career path with the Advancing Data & Analytics Potential Together (ADAPT) program. With millions recently unemployed due to COVID-19, there is an immediate need to help those impacted and an equally enormous opportunity to empower data workers with the most in-demand skills in today’s workforce. The ADAPT program provides cutting-edge analytic tools, an analytic automation platform, learning resources, and an entire community of peers so that individuals can upskill their abilities, prove their value, and refuel their careers.


Students – Supercharge Your Studies

No matter your field of study, data analytics is your passport to career and academic advancement; that’s why we’ve created a program to empower students to succeed in the data economy by getting hands-on with data science and analytics tools that are already used by thousands of companies across various industries. All students currently enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution or course are eligible to receive a free, 1-year Alteryx Designer license.


Engage with a community of industry professionals solving with Alteryx, and most importantly, become Core Certified in Alteryx Designer so that you can showcase your Alteryx expertise and make an impact on the world around you.


For more information and to register for your license, visit our website.


Educators – Elevate Your Curriculum

Are you looking to use the latest data science and analytics technology in your classroom or coursework? Hundreds of academic secondary and post-secondary institutions around the world have already incorporated Alteryx into their curricula. Students are exposed to an incredible learning experience covering the whole analytics lifecycle – from data preparation to modeling, data science, and deployment.


All educators who intend to use Alteryx in the classroom are eligible to receive a free, 1-year, Alteryx Designer license as well as access to our industry-leading data science and analytics software, plus our Alteryx for Good Co-Lab volunteer network.


To bring Alteryx to your classroom, visit our website.


Nonprofits – Accelerate Your Mission

It’s a new data-driven world for nonprofits. Those that embrace data science and analytics can optimize fundraising programs, allocate budgets more optimally, communicate results to major donors and grantors more effectively, and better leverage, engage and retain volunteers. They can make smarter decisions faster and do it all without burning hours on spreadsheets.


The Alteryx for Good program was designed specifically for nonprofits so that they can put the most powerful – yet easy to use – analytics tools in the hands of their teams.'


For more information and to register for your license, visit our website.


Co-Lab – Tap Into Our Volunteer Network

The Alteryx for Good Co-Lab is a volunteer network of Alteryx experts providing analytic expertise to nonprofits and educators. We are excited for you to tap into this network of amazing volunteers to help you with your data projects. Click here to learn more.


Alteryx Associates – Doing Good

We believe data science and analytics changes the world for the better. At Alteryx, our associates are committed to helping our customers use Alteryx for game-changing benefits, as well as educational institutions and nonprofits of every size.


Alteryx for Good is proud to support individual interests and the power of sharing, which is why our volunteer program provides 20 hours of paid time off for associates to help their cause of choice. Our associates are engaged in making a difference and we’re excited to share the variety of activities they care most about. Read more about their experiences here.


Become an Alteryx For Good Ambassador

We are excited to share our program with the world! If you know a student, educator, academic institution, or nonprofit you think will benefit from Alteryx; we have created documentation so that you can easily share it with the people and causes that mean the most to you.


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