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Unable to find CO - sales (xlsx file).

6 - Meteoroid

Dear Friends 

I started Adapt program - Day 2 - Part one .


https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Videos/Getting-Started-with-the-Alteryx-Designer/td-p/351678  In this video , at 25:09 the instructor asks to select the CO- sales file . I was not able to find that in the sample data. Pl help me with that . May I know if there is any alternative file with different name and the same data?


Pl help me. 


Thanks in Advance 



Welcome to the Alteryx Community @adarshchalla!


If you look at the bottom of the posting referenced in your message, you'll find a downloadable attachment called alteryx_essentials.yxzp. Click the download icon next to the file name and save the file to a folder.


This file is an Alteryx package file which contains a workflow and all files that the workflow requires. You can double-click on alteryx_essentials.yxzp in the folder and Alteryx Designer will start. Follow the prompts in Designer to import the file and load the workflow. You can click on Run or type ctrl-R to run the workflow.


If you go back to the folder where you downloaded the file, you will see a new folder called alteryx_essentials which contains the workflow and supporting files including CO_Sales.xlsx.




6 - Meteoroid

This is the best solution. Simple and straightforward in English. lol