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Confused about Learning Path versus Week Fundamentals to complete certification

7 - Meteor

Hi All!


I am confused with the milestones needed to achieve the certification. Navigating through the ADAPT program can be challenging in terms of knowing what needs to be accomplished.


I spent most of my time on the Learning Path...

Learning Path.png


and didn't realize that the content differs from the Fundamentals Week Path: 




For example, in the week fundamentals there are podcasts and challenges. In order to be prepared for the capstone project and to become certified, which materials should I make sure to complete? Are practice exercises just practice and the challenges are the actual 'test' for the section?


Thanks for any information you can provide!


Hi @lmalbertorio!


Thanks for your great question. I'm sure others might be wondering the same thing.


While the more challenges and practice exercises you complete, the better, I want to connect you to our @AYXAcademy team. They will be able to offer some better insight and help guide you so that you are best prepared to take the exam.


If anyone else in has thoughts on this, please share!

cc: @JoeM 


Hi @lmalbertorio!


Thanks for participating in the program and reaching out with feedback! As you noted, the Getting Started Learning Path is different from the Fundamentals pathway outlined by the ADAPT program but they are both designed to get you to a similar level of comfort using Designer. 


You mentioned milestones when preparing for the certification - the only thing you need to do to get certified is pass the certification exam. The Practice Exercises, Capstone, and Weekly Challenges are included to help you prepare for the Practical Application questions you will need to solve during the Core Certification Exam. While we recommend taking the time to solve those problems, they aren't required.


Hopefully this helps to clarify some of the confusion!


Happy Alteryx-ing!

The AYXAcademy Team

5 - Atom

If I want to do the Practice Exercises, how do I find them?  I've downloaded the files for Exercise 1 but what problem am I to solve?  I can't find a description.  Thanks!


Hi @tmcquillin,


When you open the Practice Exercises in Designer, there is a description of the problem in the workflow.