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ADAPT Program

6 - Meteoroid

Could anyone explain me what is the adapt program for? Please, in puzzle language. It seems to me that using designer is for connecting, but what for?

9 - Comet



The ADAPT program is centered around an aspect of Data Science called Predictive Analytics. One example that I can think of that this is most useful for is with COVID-19. With Predictive Analytics, scientists have learned a lot of things such as the mortality rate based on age group and preexisting medical conditions. With Predictive Analytics, we learned that children can be carriers with no symptoms, so a lot of nursing homes have began temporarily banning children under a certain age into their facilities. Predictive Analytics has also helped point out areas heavily hit by the virus so that local governments can better prepare to care for these communities. 


As far as Alteryx Designer, I am noticing that it can do many cool things that I have not touched yet. I am also a student, so I am also learning this. I recommend taking a look at the Weekly Challenge discussions. I have read over some of the more complicated challenges and people's solutions, and I have seen some pretty cool things. 




6 - Meteoroid

Thank you very much for your answer. It helps me a lot in what I am to pursue doing the ADAPT program. It has the puzzle description for my understanding. Thanks again