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ADAPT License expired prior to 90 day

5 - Atom

I registered for the ADAPT program on July 15th and didn't receive my Alteryx license until July 19th, only after following up with the fulfillment about the delay. 


I found out today that Alteryx my license has expired which is 2 days earlier than the 90 day allotment if counting forward from July 15th. 


I spoke to fulfillment and their explanation was that "We send out license keys to users that apply in groups so there are may be a case where there are a few days that overlap" and "That is still 88 days of a completely free software that was given to you".  


I understand the reason for the delay in receiving the license but not the early expiration.  I'm disappointed that I will not be able to use the software to complete studying for the exam which I planning on retaking prior to the license expiration but I am also disappointed in the fulfillment team's inaction in resolving the matter and their final response.  I hope that the early expiration is not an ongoing issue with other ADAPT applicants. 


Hi @marjorie_taylor , 


I am sorry you've had a bad experience with our ADAPT program. I will follow up with our the fulfillment team to get a better understanding of the two-day early expiration. However, because the program includes a free 3-month Designer license (which is valued at $5,000!) we have strict guidelines, one of them being we are unable to extend the free Designer license without passing the core certification test (the goal of the program.) Once again, I am sorry you lost a few days of the program - but we hope by participating in the free ADAPT program you learned more about data analtyics!


The AFG Team 

6 - Meteoroid



I am having a similar problem.  I received the license on July 31, but am getting a message that the code expires by the end of today, Oct 18th. I was planning on taking the core certification exam tomorrow.