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Hello all,


I'm Dane and I'm a data analyst working within a university on financial data and data quality. I essentially nerd out all day talking about data, statistics and baking when time permits and I love every second of it.


I have a background in maths, SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle ... pretty much everything under the Sun; but I'm relatively new to Alteryx. As there's a lot of similarities in Alteryx to Oracle and SQL, I'd say I'm picking it up quickly and I'm enjoying using it. The interactive lessons on here are fab and I'm making good use of them and I can definitely see how useful Alteryx is going to be for our data.


Outside of work I end up baking, reading, walking and going to the gym with bowling and to the cinema thrown in for good measure.


Pleasure to be a part of the community,



Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

Welcome @danespoors, we're always glad to add new data nerds into the mix!