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Hello, I currently work as the sole Data Warehouse ETL developer for our organization.   In the last few years, I have imported data for 333 million patient encounters for the last 10 years in our state and surrounding area.  We store ICD, CPT/HCPCS, revenue, and various grouper codes for each encounter.  We store data in a relational database format and then reload data each quarter into a dimensional database and a SQL Server Analysis Server cube. 


In the past, I have used SSIS with CozyRoc add-ons for ETL work. I am starting our first project using Alteryx Designer to assign a unique patient identifier for our encounters.  My first impression is that Alteryx must have some input from frustrated SSIS users and tried to remedy all our complaints.  I think Alteryx Designer will enable me to write ETL faster than in SSIS once I am up to speed.  


I have a broad background in the ERP implementation and CRM support.  I love reading the Alteryx use cases for users of business data.  My first cubes were used for financial reporting and budgeting. I went into BI work after I became intrigued by data mining courses with SQL Server.  I am thrilled that Alteryx is strong in predictive analytics.  


I am looking forward to learning more and grateful for the Alteryx community and learning resources.