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Passionate Data Scientist and Tech Enthusiast

5 - Atom

Recently, I completed the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp Cohort 1 from atomcamp, acquiring valuable data science skills. Now, I'm eager to channel my transferable skills—critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptability—into a new data science career.


As a relentless learner, I actively seek opportunities to contribute my skills to innovative data science projects. My vision is to contribute meaningfully to the data science community, leveraging my engineering expertise and teaching experiences for continuous learning and growth.


My unique background in electrical engineering and education prepares me to approach problem-solving from diverse perspectives, making me a valuable asset in data science.


Let's collaborate and seize the boundless possibilities of data science and embrace a future of limitless opportunities.

8 - Asteroid

Hey @asadkazmi ! Great to see you here and welcome to the #Maveryx!


Sounds like you really have a good head start. 


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