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HighlanderDGI - Introduction

Hi Folks,


Ron from CVS Health here just starting out on the Alteryx Journey.  As an auditor, we're very interested in performing self service analysis without impacting our clients.


In the past, have been also working on analytics using excel but am very interested in testing larger data sets using Alteryx.


I have been working on the introductory courses looking forward to attaining Core Certification.


Look forward to learn more as work through the training courses and online resources.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Ron,


We're glad you're here and appreciate you taking the time to introduce yourself!


Going through the Getting Started learning path, is a great way to kick-start your journey to earning the Core certification -- so you're on the right track


I'd also recommend taking a stab at the Weekly Challenges, which are especially useful in preparing for the practical application questions on the exam. 


For Core... you really need to know literally EVERYTHING about the tools covered on the exam, so take the time to dig in beyond the basic functionality & gain understanding on its strengths/weaknesses, all of the potential configuration options, as well as similarities/differences with similar tools. One of our members @justindavis put together a great set of Alteryx Tool Flashcards, which are a great starting point.


Last but not least, the Community is here to help you along the way. Visit Designer Discussions to ask questions and get advice from the best of the best Alteryx users. 


Thanks again @HighlanderDGI! Looking forward to seeing you around the Community!

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement