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Hello from smysnbrg!

6 - Meteoroid

It's nice to be here in the Alteryx community.  My name is Steven.


I am currently a data applications developer for an insurance company in Missouri.  My primary focus is reporting and data analysis.  My company just advanced to Alteryx Server so I'd like to shift beyond traditional operational reporting into the Alteryx Designer/Server world to better my skills in analytics as well as getting in on the ground floor of Alteryx Server administration.


In my spare time, I freelance as a voice-over artist and enjoy spending time on our family homestead out in the country.  I enjoy cats, art, humor, self-reliance/homesteading, football, and baseball.  I'm also pursuing an interest in drums, EDM and audio production.


I look forward to engaging the community and learning more about the Alteryx world.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It is nice to have you here, @smysnbrg!


I am sure you would love to learn and see what you can do with Alteryx Server. It goes from create, publish, and share analytic applications, to schedule and automate workflow jobs, and so much more.


Here you can start looking at all the good stuff:

Any questions, we are here to help! 


Flávia Brancato