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6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone


I'm Andrew, I work for Comair, who operate both South Africa's best-estest and funnest airline, kulula.com, and British Airways in South and Southern Africa. I'm brand new to Alteryx (with one question already that needs answering as we're transitioning away from SSIS and SSRS towards Alteryx and Tableau.


I look forward to growing in my career by moving away from ETLs, having done it for six-plus years already, and moving towards the analytics and predictive side of things, to help our internal clients understand and see data in new ways, and think differently than they have in the past about data and the questions that they didn't even know that they didn't know that they could ask.


It was really great attending Alteryx London 2017, I learnt a whole bunch and met some rather amazing and interesting people.


In my free time I enjoy PC gaming - both old and new, - hardware, reverse engineering and disassembly, learning more about history, geography, science, physics and maths, and I love a good game of cricket and rugby. Oh, and I guess sleep needs to fit in there somewhere too, right?


Thank you,