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Challenge #305: International Bank of Awesome Data - Part IV

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

A solution to last week’s challenge can be found here.


Weekly Challenge Image 305.pngThe results of last week's exercise were again well received by the International Bank of Awesome Data (IBAD) leadership team - well done, Secret Assistants to the Regional Manager! There was one objection though, from those troublemakers in the Antarctica branch... apparently those guys like to see their data in a prettier format than just a data table in a file. Guess we can't blame them - everyone loves a good visualization!


So the final task on your mission to make the IBAD's awesome data even more awesome is to make it pretty!! This week's challenge is a lot more flexible - there are a few key elements we'd like to make sure are included in the final reports, but the overall format is up to you! The main goal is to make sure the final report has, at a minimum, the following key metrics displayed for the bank overall:


- Appropriate headers/footers/subheaders showing Report Title, today's date, Assistant to the Regional Manager's name (if applicable), etc.
- A section highlighting key total metrics:
- Avg Daily Balance
- Overall % change (should be red font if negative, green font if positive)
- Count of Customers
- Ending Balance
- A chart showing the % of overall total debits & credits for the month by branch
- A chart showing the count of customers by branch

Beyond these required elements, the rest is up to you! Formatting, charts, batched reports... be creative!


- A section highlighting "best branch of the month", i.e. the bank with the largest percentage increase in bank balance over the course of the month
- A "naughty list" for the lowest performing banks (largest percentage decrease in bank balance)
- A recap of totals by transaction type across all branches
- A graph showing overall daily balance, with differentiation for cleared vs uncleared balances
- Any other metrics, trends, etc. that you find interesting!!
- Make it an app, so the Assistants to the Regional Manager can select their name from a dropdown to get a customized output!

The IBAD leadership team can't wait to see what you come up with... You can have this on their desks by end of day, right?

14 - Magnetar



We have a problem with the output :)




15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi all! We are aware there is an issue with the output sample - guess this just means you all now have full creative license to do whatever you want with the outputs you create!!  😁 


(We're working on fixing it, have no fear... updated sample in start file should be available soon!)




Hi @messi007 ! Thanks for letting us know! The file has been updated 

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Closest I could get to the average daily value 🤔


8 - Asteroid



I had some fund with the interactive Chart!


8 - Asteroid
Solution Attached


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
8 - Asteroid

1. I actually did some additional data formatting in #304, and leveraged that output to provide all the data I needed for 305

2. Not a fan of pie charts, especially with a large number of different categories, so left these as just bars and tables.

3. I thought about getting crazy with statistics and seeing what I could dig up and chart with the predictive group but wanted to respect that this was designated as basic. So, for the sake of those doing challenges who are at the basic level I wanted to provide examples of  simple/basic charting .


MT Solution 305 flow.png

MT Solution 305 Cust count.png

MT Solution 305 Cr %.png


14 - Magnetar

My solution :)