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Challenge #15: Warehouse Shipped Miles

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Here is a new challenge for this week, it is a continuation from last week’s warehouse distribution challenge. If you did not complete last week’s challegne don’t worry, you will not need any output from part one to complete this part.  The link to the solution for last week’s challenge is HERE. I posted two solutions for last week’s challenge. The first is a solution without a macro and is in my opinion a more straight forward approach to solving the problem. I included the second macro approach because it is an excellent example of how to utilize an iterative macro.


The use case:


Based on data from last week’s warehouse distribution challenge, we want to calculate the total shipped miles per item. The products are available from 3 different warehouses, lat/lon data is provide for each warehouse and each store location.


Your goal is to find the total distance travelled as straight line miles for each item based on it being shipped from the closest warehouse.


Good luck, I hope you are having fun with these challenge and expanding your knowledge of Alteryx. Thanks to all that have provided feedback.

Creative Director
Creative Director

The solution to this exercise has been uploaded.

Tara McCoy
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Not many takers on this challenge.

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Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

:-) so I did it the hard way, but glad to have learned from the solution provided.


- joined all warehouses to all stores.    At this point I had a list of stores with the products; cross-joined to the warehouses (so SxIxW rows)
- Worked out the distances for all combinations
- then filtered out all but the shortest.

The solution provided works well if every warehouse has every product, and is way more efficient because it only uses SxI rows (number of items by store) - but if different warehouses had different product sets, then an approach like mine may be needed where you actually have to explode down to the store/item/warehouse level for every item.

Anyway - learned more about the "find nearest" component from the provided solution - thank you @GeneR and @MarqueeCrew


Brushing up on my (basically nonexistent) Spatial skills in advance of the Grand Prix... :)


Solution: Create Points > Find Nearest Tool (Max Distance 10000 miles) > Join Item data > Formula: Distance Traveled > Summarize: Group By Item, Sum Distance Traveled.

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My solution was the same as the one posted.



Never needing to use spatial tools for my current job, this challenge was very insightful for me.  And just simple enough :)

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My Solution. First spatial challenge